Watercoloring Adventures!

It all started with an innocent class with Beth Woessner to learn how to paint cupcakes for birthday cards in August.

I had always thought the painterly ways of watercolor were beautiful.  Yet, I didn’t think I’d be able to attack this medium.  It’s so loose and free and I’m not… I’m kind of a control freak… now as I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned to let go of the ‘it has to be perfect’ idea of art and just claimed my art as it is… mine.  It’s like me, not perfect, but that’s okay!

So, I took this class with Beth.  Ya’ll she’s so sweet and encouraging and she gives good direction.  She can critically give you ideas on how to make your painting better in a way where you don’t feel torn down, but lifted up.  I mean, what a gift that is!  And she’s also great at telling you to just stop painting… put your brush down, you’re done…. I need that in my life.

So after that class, I took more.  I found paintings on and to mimic and try.  And now it’s becoming something I love to do to just relax.   I even hand painted every single one of the Christmas cards I sent out this year.  Then… just to top all of that… I figured out you could use gel food coloring and “watercolor” on sugar cookies! YASSSS! I did that too… seriously I am obsessed and addicted!

I got a desk for Christmas set up in my bedroom so I can paint whenever the mood strikes,  It even has a phone holder thing that I can use to put my phone in and take videos or time lapse videos of me painting… which is so cool to watch.   And just to add a little bit more… I’m signed up for more of Beth’s classes —  watercolor portrait series, a home class, a pet class and a date night class… all in January! I just can’t stop!  (You can see Beth’s upcoming classes on her event page)

Here are some pics of the stuff I’ve done so far and a few of the time lapse type videos too.  Just to catch everyone up 🙂





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