Puff Stitch Hat

wp-1476364673389.jpgThis past Sunday, my daughter and I stopped at Walmart for the sole purpose of looking at yarn.  I knew I wanted to make a hat.  I had found a pattern on Ravelry that I wanted to try.  I grabbed some yarn and buttons, but then I came across some beautiful Unforgettable Yarn by Red Heart.  It was just so pretty and so then and there, my plans changed.

Of course I didn’t put the other yarn and buttons back!  They are just in my stash, waiting to be turned into cute hats!  I wasn’t sure what I was going to make with this yarn.  I bought the Candied colorway.  I started one pattern, then ended up starting all over because I got frustrated with a simple rib pattern using a single crochet.  I was actually increasing when I shouldn’t have been.  Crazy me!  Is it weird I can crochet better in the round than flat?  I always forget which is my starting stitch… ugh.wp-1476364677698.jpg

I found this pattern on BHooked’s website.  One of the my most fave things about her website
patterns is that she has videos plus written!  So when I get stuck or if I want to follow along, I can watch the video.  After learning the puff stitch again (I made my daughter a hat a couple of years ago using the stitch), I was off.  This hat took me about 2 evenings to make.  I love how the puff stitch looks with this yarn!

To top it off, I made a cute little pom pom on top.  A special shout out to Timmy for letting me use his fingers to wrap the yarn around while making the pom pom.  He’s such a good sport – so I made him some chocolate chip cookies last night too!  I can’t wait to wear it to some football games this fall!  Go Har-Ber! 😀

wp-1476364680838.jpgIn other news – do ya’ll have any idea how hard it is to take a picture of a hat on top of your head?  Ya’ll don’t even want to know how awkward it felt holding my phone to take these pictures and how many pictures I took just to get three semi good pictures to post!  Next time I need an assistant!


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