Adventures in Woodburning

wp-1475960635181.jpgThe first time I picked up a wood burning tool I was probably in 5th grade.  I remember getting a kit from Walmart and an oval shaped piece of wood.  I transferred a scene with an old shed with a fence onto the wood and burned to my hearts content.  It had some marks where I laid the tool too long in one spot and some really jagged edges and no real shadows… but I traced those lines.  I was proud.  I gave that piece to my granddaddy and proceeded to make a few more.

Since then, occasionally I’ll pick the tool up and play a bit.  I don’t tend to do wall hangings anymore, but I do love to burn cutting boards for friends and family.  Last year I made a razorback one for one of my sisters for Christmas.  She’s a huge Arkansas Razorback fan (woooo pig sooie!) and she really enjoyed it.   I also made that cutting board for a work friend and as a prize in one of our weight loss competitions.  I’ve made them for friends when they marry too!  It just turns out to be such a personalized piece and I really enjoy giving them out.
As I mentioned the other day, a work friend is getting married.  I made a few dishcloths but wanted to include a cutting board too.  I like how it turned out for the most part.  I can be super critical of my work – and I honestly think I could have spaced the letters out more and the m is too bunched up… but overall, I know she’ll love it.wp-1475960644332.jpg

To make this, I took a simple bamboo cutting board I bought at Walmart.  I took a pencil and drew what I wanted to burn.  Then using a small tip on my wood burning I went over the design.  Then I went back over it, taking care to thicken the lines on the down stroke of the letters.


I hope they enjoy their gifts and each other for many years to come!  I love how it all came together and how the gift looks overall.  Handmade gifts are the best!


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