Granny Square Dishcloths

wp-1475866563956.jpgI am a sucker for these sweet dishcloths!  I found out that a dear work friend of mine is getting married this Sunday!  He’s in the military, came home and is stationed in Kansas and she’s here in Arkansas.  They were engaged in July and were going to get married next October, but moved up the date… one of those – we can’t stand being apart anymore situations 😉

I’m beyond excited for her and knew I wanted to create something special for them.  So I made these dishcloths.  I used the pattern found here and on two of the three, I have the edging shown here.  I also found these adorable gift labels from Everything Etsy to wrap them up.  They are just so precious!

And I love crocheted dishcloths – they work like a charm!  wp-1475866577827.jpgI’m going to bundle these up together with a bamboo cutting board with their name burned into it. (I’ll post that soon so you can see pics!)

Hope they have a wonderful life together!

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