Fasting Glucose and A1C Update

So I went to the doctor for my 3 month diabetes check up.  You might remember this post where I admitted to a 9.1 A1C level.  Dude.  That’s high – like wayyyy too high.  My goal is 6.5 with my current goal of just getting it to 7.    As of today – 7.2!  That’s almost 3 whole points down! I’m really excited!!

You see, I went into the doctor office a little discouraged.  I haven’t lost any weight the last week or so.  And if you look overall for the year, I’m down a total of 5 lbs.  Sure I’ve lost weight throughout the year, but it’s basically the same 20 pounds I’ve been gaining and losing.  So frustrating…  My fasting glucose hasn’t been it’s best either.  You can look at this chart where I keep up with my daily fasting glucose levels.  For a week or so, I was getting really close to the 120 line and have even hit under it.  But then the last 2 weeks it’s starting to go back up.  So discouraging when I’m going without my go to junk food and sugary treats, taking my meds on time, etc.  So to hear the overall number was definitely a win for me!

So WOOHOO for today! 😀

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