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wp-1472491898150.jpgSo I haven’t posted in a while about my weight loss journey.  Mainly because I keep changing my mind about what I’m going to do to lose weight… and it’s a struggle ya’ll.  Since starting the blog over in July (my new beginning), I have done weight watchers, counted calories, and started a beach body fitness challenge….  and I’ve also quit it all. But this shouldn’t have to prove to be the same for everyone. Plan a schedule and prioritise your food kind.
Crazy huh!  I have come to terms that I’m definitely a junk food and sugar addict, as I consider them to be sources of energy.   I’ve hit lows and took measurements and snapped before pictures that made me cry.  It’s not been a fun ride at all these first 2 months.  But I’ve lost 8 pounds through it all.  Not where I want to be, but I’m not hating on that number… Nope.  Not at all.

There have been some habits forming.   I drink a protein shake almost every morning for breakfast.  I eat salads usually for lunch.  And then, we eat whatever for dinner (within reason).  It’s been doable.  It’s easy to keep up with and I can live with these changes.  It’s not too much at once.  I’m not overwhelmed.  Which I think is pretty big in my overall success – current and future.  My medications have also changed.  I’m also drinking much more water and down to one diet Dr. Pepper a day.    And overall my fasting blood glucose levels have been decreasing. There’s a lot to improve.  I do need to increase my exercise activity.  And I will.

So while there’s not the huge progress I may have wanted in my head, there has been progress and I’m OK with that.  I’m really OK with it.  I’m happy.  Now, to continue on.

Current weight: 275

Heaviest weight: 301
New Beginning Weight (in July): 283
Goal Weight: 145


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    Look into reading the book The Starch Solution by John McDougall. That book has helped me lose weight and maintain it. Also highcarbhannah on youtube. I think she’ll inspire you 🙂

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    Hey Kandra!!

    I think you’re doing very well considering you started your journey in July. It’s going to take time and consistency, but you can do this. On the junk food addiction – I find the best way to deal with that is to tell yourself you can have junk food as long as it doesn’t replace “real food”. So, create a meal plan for yourself, commit to eating EVERYTHING on it, then if you still want junk, have it.

    This approach does two things – it ensures you’re getting appropriate nutrients which actually reduces cravings (shakeology helps, too). It also starts to crowd out your junk food rather than trying to resist it. That strategy never works.

    The other thing I’d recommend is committing to one program and sticking with it. Too many things at once is a recipe for overwhelm.

    I really think you can do this Kandra. If I can lose 80lbs and keep it off, you can do this. You’re worth the effort.


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