Bunny Quilt Top

wp-1471808307537.jpgYa’ll, a lot has been going on this past week or so since I last updated. My daughter turned 18 and started college; her boyfriend started his senior year, which means football season is upon us; my son is switching colleges and opting to go online full time; I started a weight loss challenge through beachbody. I hope to update about the challenge soon. I wanted to update at the minimal, once a week… and yet here I am almost two weeks later. Forgive me.

This weekend I worked hard to get the bunny quilt top completed. I sewed each of the bunnies onto their backgrounds. Then I trimmed them all to 9 inch squares. With the help of my son and husband, I payed them out in a 4 x 5 grid, switching them out until I got the final layout. Then today, I sewed all of the blocks together. I. Am. In. Love. wp-1471808312130.jpg

These bunnies are so cute!! Again, I got the pattern from here. And here is my previous work in progress blog entry.

Hoping to get this all quilted next weekend and start on binding!

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