Bunny Quilt WIP

wp-1470850355611.jpgMy youngest niece turned one yesterday and I started this quilt when she was still in the womb… it’s still not done.  Do you ever have those types of projects that seem to be a work-in-progress (WIP) for much too long?

I love this cute little pattern.  I got it from Wendi Gratz’ site Shiny Happy World.  I stumbled upon Wendi’s site several years ago and my first applique quilt was her Peek A Boo Bear Quilt I made for a friend’s grandson.  Her instructions are really easy to follow! You should definitely check her out!

So with Emalee’s first birthday party coming up soon, I figured I wp-1470850336164.jpgshould start this quilt back up.  Currently I’m working on embroidering all the happy bunny faces!  I love the patterns and randomness of these little fellas.  They make me smile and my hope is that once this quilt is given to my niece, they’ll make her smile too.

I’ll keep ya’ll updated as this progresses!

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