When is it a Win?

When can you call it a win?

At work we’ve been having weight loss competitions.  They only last one or two months, which is great for short term goals.  We’ll have 8 to 12 people join in usually.  It’s short, motivating and helpful overall.  The really cool thing is the top 1/2 of the people get prizes!  So you don’t have to be #1 Loser to Win… pretty awesome right?

NegativeThoughtsYeah, right… except when you are in my head.  This past Monday, we weighed in to finalize our little work competition.   I lost 3.4% overall.  Not too shabby!  And I got second place!  I was excited… except for that nagging little voice in the back of my head.  Yeah… SHE was telling me that it was all water weight. Or that I just lost weight that I’ve lost numerous times and it probably won’t stay off. Or that it’s only because I changed my medications.  Yeah that negative Nancy that lives inside my brain and likes to stomp all over my confidence… she was feeling high and mighty trying to take that 2nd place from me.

But I’m not letting her.  I’m proud I lost that 3.4%, even if I started all over and am losing the same weight again.  Negative Nancy can go fly the coop – she can’t live in my brain anymore.  Consider this her written notice to vacate the premises promptly.

I’m usually a positive person overall.  However, it comes to my weight (or finances), and I can come down pretty hard on myself.  I’m squashing those thoughts. I’m going to be a healthy and fit me.  I’m going to love me… all of me… all the time.


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