Ya’ll it’s hot!

This past weekend I spent a good portion of it under the AC watching NetFlix and working on the baby quilt I’ve got going.

I’m almost done, about halfway done with the binding and then on to wash it!  The shower isn’t until early August, so I’m really proud of being so ahead of the game.  Usually when I’m making gifts, I’m staying up late hours trying to make up time before deadline 🙂

With this quilt, I had started to machine quilt it.  I tried lines and swirlies and just couldn’t find the right way… so I decided to hand quilt it.  Now, I’m not talking about hand quilting like many do with teeny tiny stitches, I just did a running stitch and cross stitch.  I love how it’s turned out… like in love with this so much!  I love the “handwork” feel of it!

I also went to an amazing concert with my guys and some friends.  Panic! At The Disco and Weezer.  It was an awesome set… but ya’ll it was hot!  I’m talking like – I felt I was melting LOL! I tried to stay hydrated, but I’m sure I could have drank more water and less alcohol. 😉  (I’m down for some hard cider! It was so yummy! Prob not great for me on the sugar thing tho… but it was  So. Freaking. Hot.)


In other news – did ya know that a Route 44 Water from Sonic is only 55 cents?  LOVE!  And it usually has enough ice I can just refill it!  A great way for me to keep up with my water intake!


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