Kickball And Frozen Custard

Ya’ll I played kickball tonight.  You read that right… I played kickball! I don’t know what’s gotten into me – first Soccer last Thursday and now I’m officially on a kickball team!  Had a lot of fun hanging with some guys and gals from work tonight.  I even got on base! And there was one time I almost caught a kick to me!  I hated that I didn’t quite get it, but I had fun none the less.

Last week I had called my sister because of how I felt insecure about trying soccer.  Earlier today I was talking with a friend and I loved how she spun it.  One reason I get insecure is I have a ton of negative things going on in my head that I think other people are thinking… well my friend said to flip this around.  I was like – what?  She said instead of me thinking of all the people that may (or may not) snicker and make fun of my fat butt being on the field to think of the ones that will look at me and see encouragement for them to get more active.  I never thought of it that way, but I love the thought!

I may not be good, I may be really slow – but I’m having fun!

I had taken Kacie, my daughter and our two dogs with us.  So on the way home, I stopped at Andy’s.  You know to get Kacie a concrete and the dogs the little doggie cones they have.  Well, I caved.  Yup.  Had some frozen custard – vanilla custard, with coconut, brownies and caramel.  It was so good – but I’m really disappointed in myself.  My last A1C was 9.1 on 6/24/2016.  That’s too high!  And yet, here I am, eating frozen dessert. Not the way to lose weight.  Not the way to lower that A1C.   I have got to find my motivation and my self control so I can lose weight and get healthy.  Too young to kill myself with sugar.  So while I’m really proud of myself for getting out there and playing kickball and trying to be more active – I’m really disappointed I caved on Andy’s.  I should have just gotten it for Kacie.

Tomorrow is another day…

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