Pink Drink

I finally tried a pink drink today.  If you’ve been hiding under rocks or just not into Starbucks, you might not know what a pink drink is.  It is a strawberry acai refresher from Starbucks, but you substitute coconut milk for the water.  I had one today.  A really big one (30 oz), because… I needed refreshing.  And it is just sooooo prettyyyyyy!  It was delicious!  I swear it tastes like a pink starburst candy! 

Yeah, it also has tons of sugar (and WW points)!  Who knew?!  Ugh.  Again, I didn’t check the points before consuming the yummy drink.  I know that the refresher is lower in calories than alot of the coffees… and figured coconut milk couldn’t be too bad.  I was so wrong!  42 grams of sugar in a refresher… and that’s not including the sugar in the coconut milk.  IF they used light coconut milk, we are talking about 30 points in one drink.  Thirty. Freaking. Points.  Yeah… never again… even if it did taste yummy!

Other than that drink, I did really well overall.  I had planned ahead with pre portioned snacks of pretzels, carrots, watermelon.  I had planned my breakfast and my lunch.  Yeah.. I see that key word – PLAN.  When I plan, I do great… when I don’t, I have a 30 point drink….

Tomorrow is another day and another chance.  One step at a time and just learn from my mistakes as a I go.  I’m not gonna stress over it – progress not perfection!

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