Lessons Learned

I have a bad habit of thinking I’m doing ok and I AM making better choices, but I swear if I eat before tracking, I will go over my points every time! Sadly, today was no different. And I didn’t even have breakfast… yeah slept in until almost 10 am this morning, so that made it easy to skip.  Thankful I didn’t have those added points, but sleeping in so late is really abnormal for me!

For lunch, I had Chick Fil A – I chose a salad instead of the normal sandwich and fries with Chick Fil A sauce.  Seriously, do you know how many points are in that yummy Chick Fil A sauce??  Six… SIX freaking points for a little bitty thing of sauce… of which I usually have two of… with fries of course.  OMG! No wonder I’m a fatty! LOL   Anyways  I also only had about 1/2 the dressing – which is huge for me!  The southwest chicken salad is 12 points without salad dressing.  Now that includes the tortilla strips and the pepitas topping – which I did not have.  So my salad was about 9 points without that extra junk.  The creamy salsa dressing is 10 points for 2 ounces.  I had 1/2 so in total just 14 points for lunch.  Not bad considering I ate out – right?

Well for dinner we decided to go to Cracker Barrel.  I know, it’s the fourth of July, but we just didn’t feel like cooking out tonight and took the lazy way out and headed to a restaurant where I don’t have to wash the dishes (yay!).  I had a yummy dinner of roast beef, carrots and some smoked sausage.  Ya’ll, honestly what I chose was pretty good and I stayed away from the corn and potatoes it came with… but those biscuits.  Well… I couldn’t resist and had two. TWO.  I’m thinking, they are smaller biscuits, kinda flat, just good ol’ country dinner biscuits. Ummm. Yeah, added to my WW app and those buggers are 5 points a piece.  Geez!  SMH…

Oh! I had also made some chocolate muffins using pumpkin this weekend and they were delish!   I got the recipe from ItSuxToBeFat.  The blog says they are 2 points a piece… but that’s not smart points… and of course I didn’t realize that until I had already eaten 2 (or maybe 3 😉 ).  Yup, put them in the WW recipe calculator and they are FOUR points… LOL  I swear, I’m going to get this point thing down…  Thankfully I have weekly points to use up while I make some of these stupid mistakes.

So two lessons learned this weekend.

  1. Log food before you eat it so you can make adjustments if you need to do so.
  2. Make sure you are logging recipes and such using smartpoints, not the old point system.



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