A new beginning

I decided to start my blog again.  Sadly I’ve lost a lot of old posts that would be cool to have again, but overall, I’m happy with starting all over, a new beginning… you could even say a new hope (for those star wars fans out there 😉 )  Yeah, that was a pretty lame geeky joke…  but I’m just gonna leave that there anyways 🙂

The main purpose of this blog will be to talk about my weight loss journey.  I need a place to just talk about my struggles and successes, thus the new beginning.  However, be warned that I’ll also post things about my life, which includes my creative side and my geeky side.   So let’s get started shall we?

I  have struggled with my weight for years… I’m 40 and over half of that I’ve been overweight.  I never had issues as a kid, but as I got older I started dealing with stress by stuffing my face full of food.  In 8th grade, a size 3, by 12th grade I was a size 14. One day I’ll go into how a lot of that started, but for now, let’s just say that some bad things happened and food was my comfort.  I grew… out…. a lot.  Add to that a diabetes Type 2 diagnosis and having an insatiable craving for sweets – it got out of control.  My highest weight ever is 301 pounds.  I cried. It was so embarrassing.  I couldn’t believe that I allowed myself to be out of control for so long! So what did I do?  The same thing I had done every other time I had reached a highest high… I went on a diet.  And then promptly gained it back.

I’ve been on every diet you could think of and have yo-yo’d right back to where I was or worse… I added to it.  My diabetes is at an all time high with an A1C of 9.1.  My weight is creeping back up to that 300 mark.  I’m addicted to junk and sugar.  I’m 40.  AND I have a high amount of heart disease on both sides of my family.  It’s time to buckle down and get healthy.  So, I joined Weight Watchers, the Anytime Fitness gym down the street, and started this blog.  Here we go!

Current weight: 283
Heaviest weight: 301
Weight Watchers Start Weight: 282.4
Goal Weight: 145


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    Congratulations on starting over. It’s a huge thing, having that blank slate to just get it out there! My husband and I just bought bikes today. His will be here around Wednesday and mine should be here in about a week. I’m supposed to do weight bearing exercise since I no longer have estrogen to protect me from bone loss, but I’ve been taking Boniva and I’m in a “good” zone for now … So I’m choosing to participate in an activity that 1. I loved as a child, and 2. I can do with others. It was a big investment, but I figure it is a huge investment in our health. Good luck to you!

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      Thanks so much for the encouragement Maria! Let me know how the bike riding goes! I’ve thought about it, but not ready to bite that bullet just quite yet 🙂

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