I am an Artist.

I have never claimed to be an artist. I’ve identified myself as a doodler, a crafter, and even a creative person, but I’ve never said “I am an Artist”. I think part of it stems from not feeling good enough to claim the title. When I look at the definition of artist from Merriam-Webster, it says

art·ist noun \ˈär-tist\
: a person who creates art : a person who is skilled at drawing, painting, etc.
: a skilled performer
: a person who is very good at something

Ahhh there is it is. Skilled.  I don’t get paid to create artwork.  I don’t get paid to doodle.  I can’t draw realistically, it’s just not in me.  My perspective is often askew.  I am by no means a professional… this is just something I do as  a hobby because I enjoy it.  It is a great stress reliever for me.  There are times that I just NEED to create, to make those cute little quotes or doodles, to drag out the supplies and literally put pen to paper.  It is odd, having this driving force – to have this creative piece of you bubbling inside until you just can’t do anything but get it out…   There are times I’ll find myself at work, doodling my notes in a meeting.  I’m still paying attention, but now my notes have squiggles or curly q’s or is in 3D lettering with cool shading.


There are many artists out there that I enjoy or admire.  They aren’t realistic either, but they do have a style that I love.  Something freeing about the way they draw.  I like the curves and the simpleness of their art.  It’s not complex or overly thought, and I enjoy, truly enjoy, looking at their illustrations.  I love artists like Carla Soheim and  Andrea Zuill.  I also like illustrators like Karen Hallion and Katie,  that can merge geeky and cute together in cartoon form.   And I adore some of the art my friends create like Carol and Susan. Until I started writing down some of my fave artists, I never realized that I don’t absolutely LOVE realistic artists… and that’s ok.  I like the fun and the quirky, the cute and the colorful, whimsical and adorable!  No wonder its how I draw and paint and illustrate!

It is so easy to be critical of one’s talents.  But today as I started to pull out supplies, I stumbled across a collection of my “doodles” from last year.  And in that second, I admired my art.  Not my doodles, not my sketches or my little paintings… but my art.  Pieces that had fed my creative mind as I jotted or doodled or painted or sketched had become art.  The same doodles that I didn’t like or that I had been really critical of “in the moment” of creating, after months of not looking at them, I admired… in that one moment.  And then it snapped.  I need to quit looking at my work from the artists point of view, but from the point of view that admires the artists I enjoy.  I still won’t put myself in the same category as most of them, but today… today I am an Artist.


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  1. Kandra, we’re all artists at heart, no matter what we do. Whether it be painting a house, or baking a cake, or decorating cookies……it’s all art! It just depends upon how you look at it. Even house cleaners…..it’s an art to get things beautiful one way or another!! Think about it!

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