Word Art Journaling

I started an online class by Joanne Sharp called Letter Love 101 in January.


I have thoroughly enjoyed this class.


I learned how to create some of my own fonts…


How to embellish my own handwriting…



Creating backgrounds and layering ideas…


To unleash creativity and just let it flow…


Enjoyed doodling again…

And fell in love with Copics!


I really enjoy making these , using words, quotes, verses…  I can see a lot more in my future!


Yeah, this is something I  will definitely continue to do!




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  1. Very nice. You spent a lot of time on each one of your words. I’ve done a little of this but usually end up stopping before filling the page to do one thing or another – usually kid related.

    My Cor who is 6, loves trying to do stuff like this with me. Probably, why I never get to finish because she always needs a little help with her sketch book journal.

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