Skill Builder BOM

I’m participating in Pile Of Fabric’s Skill Builder BOM.  I’ve never been big on sampler quilts, but I love the modern feel of this one.  It’s also a QAYG (Quilt As You Go) project and I’ve really wanted to try that method.  So, I figured, why not?

Pile O' Fabric


I’ve decided to make this quilt for me.  I know! Gasp! Right?  I’ve made several quilts but have yet to make one for me… so this one’s it!  So I went to and started looking for inspiration.  I found about 6 of them I really liked and then had Mikey help me narrow the choices down. This is the one we decided to use.
Skill Builder BOM

After that, I grabbed my Kona card to figure out the colors I needed to make the quilt.  My fabric finally arrived and I loved the look of using Slate as the background color.
Fabrics came in for the #skillbuilderbom !!!

Then… I had to wait… Until the 17th for the BOMs to publish…  I was so excited when I saw the two blocks we were making!

I was so impatient when I began that I cut 1.25 inch strips instead of 1.5 inch strips, so I had to add an extra strip and wider borders on the Sound Wave block.
My finished Sound Wave block! I just added an extra strip and made borders wider :) #bom #quilt #skillbuilderbom

I still love how it came out.

The magnum block was fun to make – I love improv blocks!  I really like how the colors look in both the blocks too.
My finished Magnum block :) #quilt  #bom #skillbuilderbom

Now.. to wait for the next BOMs. :)

If you want to see more blocks, the Flickr Group has tons of pics in it.  And feel free to go over to Pile Of Fabric and join us! :)

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  1. This is a fun BOM going on. :)

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