Sundress for a Toddler

I wanted to make a dress for a toddler I watch for the longest time, and last week I finally made her one based on the tutorial from Lil Blue Boo. Then we headed out for a photo shoot.

See I’m a closet wannabe seamstress.  I am scared to death of making things for older girls (or me even), but toddler clothing is just so simple and fun and quick.

Yeah, I think quick is the operative word there.  No pattern to print out.  No body curves to worry about.


The material is from Hobby Lobby, but it’s a higher quality than a lot of the fabric they carry.  If you shop at Hobby Lobby for fabric, just feel the fabric.  Higher thread count is softer and not as rough as the thinner cheaper made material.

The tutorial I used was very easy.  I think it took me about  1 1/2 hours from cutting to her wearing it.  Not bad at all for a cute little dress!

I did change things a bit from the tutorial.  I used ribbon as the ties.  I also kept the bodice part larger.  And I put in pleats – center on the front and back and then two on each side of the center.

I really loved how it came out and this cute little toddler seemed to love it too!  I don’t know if I had more fun making the dress or taking (and editing) the photos!

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  1. This dress is so cute! We’re so glad you linked up to our “Strut Your Stuff Saturday.” Thanks for coming and we hope you’ll be back. -The Sisters

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